Morlando directs Cardinal's final season

A director of two crime dramas shot in Sault Ste. Marie and area is helming the final season of Cardinal.
Nathan Morlando directed Citizen Gangster and Mean Dreams.
He helms all six episodes of Cardinal’s fourth, and last, season on CTV.
Episodes started to air April 6.
Cardinal, starring Billy Campbell, is shot in North Bay.
It’s a good mystery, a mood piece beautifully performed and strikingly made, with great sensitivity to what the cold landscape harbours and reveals,” said Globe and Mail television critic John Doyle. “It’s quiet, hushed, letting the landscape articulate its wintry disposition.”
He called Cardinal’s final season “unmissable.”
“It’s maybe our most tense season,” Campbell told Postmedia Network in a recent interview.
Morlando won Toronto International Film Festival’s best Canadian first feature film award in 2011 for Citizen Gangster, formerly known as Edwin Boyd.

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