Sudbury letter: Drunk driving charges not taken seriously

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Re: ‘SUV left dangling over cliff in south end,’ Jan. 31.

The driver was charged with impaired driving. He blew 133 and 122, well over the legal 80 while driving.

It goes on to say he pleaded to a lesser charge of careless driving, fined $1,000, and issued a one-year probation order that includes a no-alcohol condition while driving in the first three months. So, the judge is telling him he can drink and drive again, just not for the next three months.

Then it states he made a significant charitable donation. So he beat an impaired driving charge by making a large donation?

How does this sit with the arresting officers? Is this an option they give you after they read you your rights? Where was the driver headed if he hadn’t got stuck on that rock cliff? A more populated area?

This was published the week that Marco Muzzo of Toronto got his day parole after he killed three children and their grandfather while driving impaired. Police officers are trying to get impaired drivers off the road and the people wearing the robes are letting them buy their way back onto the roads.

Tim Foucault



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