Sudbury letter: Maybe Onaping Falls should separate from the city

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Here we go again, the narrative has begun with the mindless (perhaps vindictive) ramblings of two city councillors. What can we take away from the outlying communities? They are always an easy target. Heck, them hillbillies might not even know they don’t got no arena or swimmin’ hole no more. It’s such a far drive for the rest of us, and clearly ‘we’ won’t use it – so why should they?

I am tired of the fight. I am tired of fighting for our schools to remain open while the mayor remains hidden and silent. Just as it wasn’t my job to take the Rainbow District School Board up on their suggestion that parents find ‘creative ways to keep schools open’, it’s not my job to justify our meager recreational facilities to the City of Greater Sudbury.

We want something to do, and somewhere to go. Simple as that, and I don’t particularly give a damn if it suits your grandiose plans for the ‘real’ Sudbury.

Since amalgamation, you have systematically stripped us of the most basic of services. Our municipal building that once welcomed police has been sold off, snowbanks have replaced sidewalks, and we have to call to remind them to pick up the garbage that has been accumulating for weeks on end in municipal bins.


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Just as I wasn’t prepared to find ‘creative solutions’ to the Rainbow board’s spending problem, I refuse to explain why we deserve some type of recreation in the Onaping Falls area. Mayor Brian Bigger, this is your job. Stop with the pet projects and frivolous spending. Stop putting a target on small communities that don’t fit your narrative. Stop having your staff tell me that the ice time in Levack is booked, but Garson is available. I live across from the arena, and clearly knew it wasn’t booked. It wasn’t occupied. It wasn’t anything, because it being busy doesn’t work for you.

I am imploring residents to stop begging for our services. If they want to play dirty, I would highly recommend doing the same. Start by putting in FOI (freedom of information) requests on the city councillors emails. I am sure you will find discussions that are less than diplomatic when discussing our town.

Start thinking of MPAC/property tax re-evaluations. We can’t pay taxes for services and amenities that aren’t available or are always under threat of closure. These aren’t the Ozarks, it’s Onaping Falls. Every day, our physical resources are tracked out by the trainload, and city dwellers head home after making their paycheck here.

We deserve more courtesy than you’ve ever given us. If it were up to me, I would recommend that Onaping Falls removed itself completely from the city’s thumb. We may not be any better off, but we certainly couldn’t do any worse.

In the meantime, you enjoy those tax dollars gleaned from our residents and give them the courtesy of not having to beg for somewhere to swim.

Chantelle Gorham


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